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Yesi A.

"My experience with Wendy was that she was very straight forward, sincere and genuine. She helped bring me and my family much needed closure. Thank you Wendy for the work that you do!"

Stephanie F.

"Wendy was very warm, welcoming and energetic. She helped my mother and I get some answers and gave us direction we were hoping for. I am still a little overwhelmed with all she was able to tell us, but my heart is so full. Thank you Wendy!"

Lisa W.

"I went to see Wendy for a reading to connect with my Spirt Guides. She was fantastic, channeling my guides to deliver information that I really needed to hear. The reading has inspired me to acknowledge my own gifts, which I've repeatedly dismissed due to self-doubt and fear. Wendy is so warm and welcoming that you immediately feel at home. If you question your purpose or path in life, schedule an appointment with Wendy. You'll be glad you did."

Marnie H.

"I went to Wendy for a reading because of the particular readings she dealt with. I also had issues with weather in my area and missed my initial appointment with her. Not only did she show concern for me and my wellbeing. She was extremely helpful and didn't hesitate to reschedule me. During the first 2 or 3 minutes of my reading she validated something so out of left field that when it finally clicked and it dawned on me what she was talking about I was dumbfounded! Every time she would ask me during the reading if I had any questions, She would answer me before I could even form my thoughts into words! That blew my mind!! My reading was only 3 days ago, I still haven't been able to process it nor have I been able to wrap my head around it completely. I can tell you in light of the topic, that for the first time I am actually able to say I have some closure, I for the first time feel completely different in how I am looking at and dealing with my healing and grief. And I feel ok and I am not questioning or feeling guilty or crazy about some of the actions that I have been taking while trying to heal... I feel I have a new outlook, think differently and feel differently about my healing and my loss. I would definitely recommend Wendy to anyone who is interested in a real reading from a really gifted individual. I not only received a fantastic reading but I feel like I gained a new friend as well."

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