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If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted psychic reading with your friends where you can see your future, who you're going to marry or how many kids you'll have.. I would suggest going to a local psychic, tarot, tea-leaf or palm reader.

A reading with me is a very intense, spiritual experience that will have a deep emotional impact on you. Please allow yourself time alone to process the information afterwards. 

There will be NO CHARGE for Police, Firefighters and/or Military killed in the line of duty.

You can include any, or all, services in your reading. Readings are $98 for the hour. 

spirit guide suicide  overdose psychic medium soul healing reading
spirit guide suicide  overdose psychic medium soul healing reading

Spirit Communication


Whether your Loved One passed peacefully or traumatically, I will ask them to come forward to speak with us. Most often I will speak in the first person as they channel through me, sharing their feelings and answering questions you may have such as:

-Are you okay?

-Where are you?

-Are you watching over me (or family)?

-Do you know that I love you?

-Are you mad that I wasn’t there when you passed?

-Did you like your funeral?

-What signs are you sending?

-Was it you that flickered the lights?

Suicide and Overdose

If your Loved One took their own life on purpose or accidentally, a reading will help you understand why, as well as help you accept the situation, relieve guilty feelings, find closure, and begin to heal. You can find the answers to the tough questions, like:

-Where are you now?

-Are you finally at peace?

-Why did you do it?

-Are you angry at me?

-Was it an accident?

-Could I have done more?

-Do you know how much I love you?

Spirit Guide Reading spirit guide suicide  overdose psychic medium soul healing reading

Spirit Guide Reading


Your Spirit Guides will channel through me to give you life advice, validate deep inner feelings and questions, and/or let you know someone’s true intentions.

They will answer questions such as:

-What’s my purpose?

-Am I making the right decision?

-Why do I feel so empty?

-Should I stay with my partner?

-Is my friend honest?

-Am I psychic?

-How can I deal with this problem person?

-Is there really a God?

-What happens when I die?

-Why do I feel cursed?

-Why am I so alone?

Your Guides often will bring up things that you’ve thought about but not told anyone, or issues that you don’t even want to face yourself but the most important thing they do is validate what you are already feeling or already know deep down. To have the Guides validate your feelings is like having a friend support you when you doubt yourself-so you know you’re making the right decision.

Spiritual Healing Angel spirit guide suicide  overdose psychic medium soul healing reading

Spiritual Healing/Trauma Transfer

Do you want to be free of guilt and just feel...lighter?


I am often compelled to do a Spiritual Healing or Trauma Transfer in a reading-although it's not me that actually lifts this heaviness from you-I am only the tool through which the Light works. I call in the Angels of Healing to release the heaviness, the guilt, and the shame that weighs on you. This heaviness could from actions (or perceived non-actions) regarding deceased Loved Ones, abortion, miscarriage, feelings of failure, inadequacy, etc.


I have also been compelled to make clients hold me hands and GIVE ME THEIR TRAUMA. I make them give me their horror, their shock, their anger about a situation and I can literally FEEL their energy course up my arms-then after the reading I go outside and release these feelings into the ground. It sounds crazy, I know, but it is REAL.  Clients feel so much lighter after a Spiritual Healing and/or Trauma Transfer (see the Testimonials page).

spirit guide suicide  overdose psychic medium soul healing reading

Hospice Communication 

I will help conscious Your Loved One in hospice communicate with their Loved Ones who have passed so they see that there is nothing to fear in going Home. I will also help emotionally prepare them for their trip Home by asking questions that family members may be too uncomfortable to ask, and by using humor, will hopefully get them excited to go on their final journey.  It doesn't matter what religion they are or what they believe in, but if they are Catholic I would be honored to pray the Rosary with them, whether they are still conscious or in their final hours.  Prayer (and/or saying the Rosary) over an unconscious Loved One in Hospice is free and is my Honor to do so.


 $98 - 60 mins*

The above rate is for all readings, regardless method of the reading (regular phone, in person, Facetime video, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc.)

If I don’t make a confident connection within the first ten minutes, then of course you will not be charged, and will receive a full refunded (this is very rare, but it can happen).

In person readings taking place at my location at 1007 O’Shaughnessy ave #B, Huntsville, AL 35801. (If you are in hospice or there are other circumstances that would prohibit you from coming to my location, EMAIL or TEXT me and I may be able to come to you (travel fees may apply).

*Prayer (and/or saying the Rosary) over an unconscious Loved One in Hospice is free and is my Honor to do so.

See the Rules & Policies (Under FAQs) for more rules and regulations regarding rescheduling and refunds.

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