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Frequently Asked Questions

How I Read:

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My Reading area 


I begin by spraying Sage around myself and my reading area. Then, I command “All negative energies leave my space, in the name of Jesus, all negative energies LEAVE MY SPACE.”  I do this for me as I am a practicing  Catholic woman who follows Christ, and welcomes clients of all faiths. My intentions are for the Greatest and Highest Good, so, well, it’s all good!

Before our reading I’ll meditate for about 20 minutes on your Energy and the Energy of  your Loved Ones. When I feel comfortable with them and if there’s time before our appointment I’ll go on Youtube and watch funny animal videos to get my energy and vibration up to  better receive the Divine Energy.

I’ll start by lighting a white tea light candle to honor your Guides and Deceased Loved Ones. Then I’ll say a prayer to the Archangel Michael, the Archangel Rafael, and the Archangel Gabriel, Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother Mary, Your Spirit Guides, My Spirit Guides, and the Spirits we wish to communicate with that only SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER, and that all messages given and received are for the Greatest and Highest Good for All.

Starting the Reading:

I  will zone out and stare into space or at the floor. I will  ask you if there is someone in particular you’d like to speak to and if so, just give me a name and I will ask them to step forward.  You can also tell me if you have a particular question for your Spirit Guides, or you want to just see what comes through first.

When I’m zoning out I can’t look up or look at you–I can’t break the stare because that breaks the connection somehow. I will usually rub my palms together, I don’t know why and I talk really fast. I. TALK. REALLY. FAST. (So make sure you are recording or paying really good attention.)

Spirits will flash pictures in my head, which I’ve learned to trust is them and not my imagination, and I’ll ask you why they are showing me a certain thing, and my key phrase is “Does that make sense to you?”

I need you to be honest with me, however. If something doesn’t make sense, you need to tell me. Oftentimes you won’t understand what they’re showing me, but if I ask you some questions so you see the image from a different angle, then usually it will make sense.

If it’s a deceased friend or loved one, they’ll show me VERY specific images that will make no sense to me but it will to you.  For example, one girl after a Bachelorette Party at my dance studio asked if I could get her grandfather to come through, so I focused and told her I have him here, and this is weird, he’s showing me a can of beans, does that make sense?” And she started crying and said that his favorite food AND her favorite food were canned beans!

Wendy Reardon Father

Another example... I was talking to my dad on the phone once and I said I had Grampa John (his dad) here, and he’s showing me a giraffe, why is he showing me a giraffe? And dad (being old), said he had no idea, so I had to prompt him with “Have you seen a giraffe lately? Have you thought about giraffes for some reason?” And he kept saying no, no, no. Then he finally says, “Oh yeahhhh…I got one of those singing stuffed animals yesterday, it’s a giraffe and it’s right up here on the shelf next to me!” So I said, “Okay that’s where the giraffe is coming from, it’s a validation that I DO have him here with me because he’s showing me the giraffe!”  

If something is obvious, like you’re older and I say “Do you have a grandmother that’s passed?”, I will let you know that I know that of course you do, because if she didn’t pass she’d be like 500 years old. So if it’s something obvious or very generic I’ll let you know that I know I’m saying something generic.

A lot of times it’s just easier for Spirits to channel then me trying to tell you what they say, so they just sort of take me over and talk in first person. I don’t lose consciousness, but it’s like I’m sitting to the side in my brain as the Spirit talks, using their mannerisms and phrases, etc. If they show me something while they’re yammering on, I’ll interject with “They’re showing me…” but you’ll know it’s me saying that instead of them.

You have to speak clearly and loudly for me though, as again, I can’t break the focus to look at you when you speak. A lot of times they’ll have me sit next to you, or hold your hand, or pat your head or whatever, and I tell you at the time “This is them, not me, I don’t touch people.” What’s REALLY crazy is when they hug you, I give myself over to them and every time the person I’m hugging can FEEL the energy of their loved one because it’s NOT ME, IT’S THEM.

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