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 $98 - 60 mins

The above rate is for all readings, regardless method of the reading (regular phone, in person, Facetime video, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc.)

If I don’t make a confident connection within the first ten minutes, then of course you will not be charged, and will receive a full refunded (this is very rare, but it can happen).

I DO require payment in full before the reading because I have learned that literally 100% of the time, no matter how much someone promises, if I allow them to pay in cash the day of--they don't show up. And that really aggravates me. Like...REALLY. I will make exceptions to that rule on occasion, but we have to discuss it first. 

I take Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, or credit card over the phone, and when I send you the date/time confirmation email, I'll include the payment links.

Payments must be made within 24 Hours of Receiving the Confirmation Email, otherwise I take you out of the calendar. 

See the Rules & Policies (Under FAQs) for more rules and regulations regarding rescheduling and refunds.

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