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Omar Gosh TV

Ok, so I know soooo many of you have seen my on Omargosh tv on YouTube, so I thought I’d explain below how that came to be, which is pretty crazy…

(My little cameo comes around 12:20 on Omar’s video below:)

I had been pretty annoyed (to put it lightly) because my six-year old stepson wouldn’t eat his dinner at the table and was giving me attitude (I was raised that you DO NOT talk back to adults) and daddy wasn’t exactly backing me up–so I needed to just get out for a while (the little darling has since greatly improved, FYI). 

I went to Maple Hill Cemetery here in Huntsville, Alabama, as I am wont to do when I need to relax. I usually park around the back near the Haunted Children’s Playground, but that night I parked near the front of the cemetery. I must have been there just wandering around, sitting on benches, fixing flowers that fell over, and of course mumbling under my breath about what I SHOULD have said while I was at home (but am not quick enough to think of it then).

So it started to get dark and I headed back to my truck when I saw Omar and Jody looking like they were doing some kind of investigating with a camera. Needing desperately to socialize with regular people, I walked up to them and they said “Hi!” and I said (chuckling to myself for being so original) “You can see me?”

They were both like, “Uh, ha. ha.” 

And so it began…..

Really though, I didn’t know it was them, I was just being social, but I sure am glad I ran into them. I mean, what are the CHANCES that I happened to run into them, right then, when there is a 100-acre cemetery and I (or they) could have been anywhere? I believe God works in mysterious ways, and He somehow led me to them, knowing that I’d give them a reading and that they would in turn share my info to their 3 MILLION wonderful followers, such as yourself (or not, if you’ve just found me online). 

The following is Jody’s version of our meeting, which has almost the full reading in it (I show up around 15:41):

I really want to say THANK YOU!!! to Omar and Jody for the wonderful things they said about me and my Mediumship gift, as well as sharing my information for any of you out there who need closure, comfort, and healing messages.

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